On Ken Gill

Ken talking about his life. This comprises extracts from Ken Gill Video Biography*

Ken drawing and discussing his caricatures** on BBC Breakfast Time and Panorama

Ken talking at TUC Congress on apartheid South Africa, peace and nuclear disarmament and Thatcher.

Ken talks on TV about the Wapping Dispute

Brendan Barber and Victoria Brittain talking about Ken

Jim Mortimer on Ken Gill

   Ken Gill Memorial Fund Projects & Events

News International Dispute Web Archive

Visit to the UK of Dr Aleida Guevara 

50 years of British solidarity with Cuba

Chris Mathlako from South Africa talking about imperialism in Africa

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** To see more of Ken's caricatures, buy Hung, Drawn and Quartered


The Ken Gill Video Biography

The Ken Gill Video Biography by Dan Bindman, filmed in November 2008, is available through the Morning Star newspaper. Ring 0208 510 0815